C O N T A C T  U S

Please give me a call or email me to arrange consultation


Some Services Offered at an hourly rate

Water Quality Assessment and Control and Advice/instruction

Silt/Sediment control using fine powdered chalk:

Applied & Supply only availibe on request(siltex/chalking)

PH, Oxygen, Silt, Algae Control

Plant/Weed Management (diofix agent)

Pest Control and Prevention

Habitat Restoration/Protection/|Security/Preditor Fencing

Water and Fisheries Maintenance and Development

Advisory & Fisheries Management Services

Ornamental Pond & Lake Management, Design,and Restoration Services.

Fish Disease Diagnostics (Health Check Service)

New Fishery Design and Development Advice

Authorised Fish Transport

Angling Club Fisheries Management Plans and Assesment

Government Agency Liaison (acting on your behalf)/Fish Tagging & Stock Fish Marking





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Professional  Qualified  Experienced

Fisheries/Ecology and Water Management





Danial Hatherley Hurford Bsc.hons M.I.F.M

Qualified conservation and fisheries practitioner since 1992....

A small company that always deliver’s.



Live Fish Supply:

Fisheries Solutions produces and supplies all Coarse Fish Cyprinid Species and in addition can supply quality Brown and Rainbow Trout. Customer orders/pre-orders upon requests.


We have a small registered fish farm which is slowly developing an expanding to meet demand.

We also work with larger Aquaculture practices in in the UK enabling us to provide a service without disappointment.


For an up to date quotation or any enquiry on current size and species availability please contact me directly.


All species are provided with a good bill of health, and all licencing for introduction

can be processed upon receipt of order free of charge.

(Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries act Compliance)


We can deliver the fish direct to water using our aerated transport tanks, as we are registered as aquaculture carriers with the Aquatic Animal Health Policy Group (AAHPG). A transport charge may be applicable on deliveries over 20miles from our Berkshire base, depending on species and quantity ordered.

Delivery will then be charged at 45p per mile after 20miles.